Friday, October 31, 2008


Tonight was great! I went over to my new friend's house. Four of us hung out eating and drinking wine until all the trick-or-treaters stopped ringing the door bell.

One woman had to go home early (her baby had apparently woken up and was wanting the boob. LOL).

So three of us circled. The way M cast the circle and called the quarters was amazing. I've never felt anything like that before. She used a drum to create a nice irregular beat, and invoked each element, just sort of spontaneously.

Then we did my Underworld guided meditation. Mine was interesting. Sieben (my cat who died a little over a year ago) ran up to greet me. I was expecting to see her, but not quite so soon and all of a sudden - but it was heart warming. I apologized to her for not being with her when she died. That's something I still have some guilt about.

Then I saw Grandpa and Aunt Linda - I wasn't sure if I would see them or not. They didn't say anything, but were just sort of there.

And the most surprising thing - there was a girl named Jennifer who showed up out of nowhere - she's a girl from one of my elementary schools who died in a car crash when she was in (I think) sixth grade. I was never friends with her, but just knew who she was at the time. She didn't say anything either, but was just sort of there.

It's always funny to me how things randomly happen in guided meditations that I don't expect.

Anyway, it's almost 3am, and I really should get to sleep.


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